Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fairy Tale Scraps Blog Challenge

Ok so I'm a wee bit late and will be having to post the next blog challenge before I know it! Time has been getting away from me lately and it always seems to be so hard to catch back up! But as I sit here pounding away at the keyboard I am so happy to report that spring is peeking through from this long dreadful winter! I even seen some grass peeking up through the snow! I don't think I've seen grass/yards since oh about November and it is oh so nice to see. Normally I say that Fall is my favorite season but I do believe this year that has changed to spring, can not wait to see the beautiful green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping and sunny warm skies!

Unfortunately it is not too warm for little ones to catch colds. I get home this morning from work to find my little man sick. Daddy had called me around 5am to say he was up and feverish. Fortunately daddy got him medicine in time and no more temp., for now at least. So I sit here pounding the keyboard, enjoying the sunshine through the window and listening to a 3yr old say "I don't like being sick mommy." :(

So all that being said, I wonder which will last longer, Quinn being sick or our nice weather? Time will tell!

Now blog on about your thoughts of the soon to end winter and soon to start spring!

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