Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scrapable Blog Challenge - My Scrapping History

Wow, where to begin...about 12yrs ago a good friend of mine came over to visit for the afternoon, she brought with her a scrapbook that she did on her vacation to CA that summer. I was in awe and instantly hooked!!! I believe I went out and bought a boxed scrapping kit to get started! I then began scrapping random things, no kids yet and was just recently out of high school. I was also invited to my first Creative Memories workshop! Again, hook, line and sinker! lol

Over the next couple years I collected many scrapping items to use in my books. I was able to quickly get my BFF hooked also, it helped b/c she had a daughter to scrap! ;) We spent many nights at her apartment scrapping as my ex watched the baby! Those were some fun nights! We even just recently brought up a night where we both we to the laundromat and carted along all our scrapping stuff to work on pages while we did laundry! LOL That was crazy!

Over the years my scrapping came and went. I didn't have my first child until 3yrs ago and my first marriage ended shortly after it began. But I got into a scrapping group on MSN and began doing RAK's and swaps. I loved doing this! While I barely ever actually scrapped anything then.

Then a couple years ago a new friend of mine introduced me to digital scrapping and again I was hooked! Now a couple years into it I've got lots of pages just waiting to be printed! lol I enjoy creating and being able to change my mind in mid page and not having to start over! Then about a year or so ago I started creating sigs and then moved into the realm of creating digiscrap kits.

All my paper scrapping stuff is packed safely away til the day that I have space to work on them again. I hope that is soon! ;)

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  1. Isn't it amazing how addictive this hobby is in both paper and digital form.