Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scrapable Blog Challenge - Winter

I live in South Dakota, so needless to say I must love winter! lol I've lived here all my life and while I'd love to venture someplace else, I can never get the nerve up to actually do it! My favorite season is fall b/c of all the beautiful colors, I do enjoy the winter months as well. Unless its a rough winter here and they can last like 6 months! lol I enjoy the cool, crisp fresh air. That bite of a cold breeze when you step outside and cuddling with those you love under a nice warm blanket! Unfortunately our winters can also consist of bitterly cold weather, freezing ice and huge snowfalls, that I don't like so much! lol Give me a nice mild winter (for us here up North) and I'll take it!

.....just don't tell my hubby, he's from Florida originally and has been bugging me to move there forever!.... ;)

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